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The internet can be a valuable asset for acquiring medical information, but, like any internet-searchable topic, the information you find may not be current or reliable. When it comes to medical advice or opinion, using inaccurate or outdated medical information is potentially dangerous.

Certain criteria must be followed to tell which medical websites are current and reliable in the information they provide. selects these websites by carefully applying the methods outlined in “About/Criteria” under “Web Search Strategies” above.

How to search for reliable health information on the internet

This website is a free reference tool that not only helps you determine which websites are credible, but also presents valuable tips, techniques, and strategies for efficient research of the medical internet. You can read about them using the appropriate links. also provides a subset of doctor screened and approved websites from our Med-list Database, which provides a unique and streamlined pathway through the myriad of medical websites found on the internet. We hope you find this website of value in your quest for medical advice and understanding.

Use as your first stop for trustworthy, online medical research. We offer no clinical information or advice ourselves. Rather, our team of doctors analyzes other medical sites in an effort to weed out the good from the bad. Out database of websites includes only those who we feel offer a high degree of legitimate, helpful medical information.

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